Inventory management

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Striking the perfect inventory balance

In a typical technology company, 44% of the logistics budget is used for inventory*. While high inventories may mean better stock availability and more satisfied customers, they also mean high costs and even obsolescence if you are holding the wrong stock.

Our inventory management services optimize the inventory configuration throughout your supply chain, in terms of levels, positioning and deployment. Which means you can offer better service while releasing capital and time.

Our range of inventory management services includes:

  • Continuous replenishment – we manage information and product movements to create a continuous flow
  • Inventory optimization – by balancing service and cost, we optimize your inventory levels at the individual product level
  • Inventory ownership – we take control and ownership of your inventory to improve your balance sheet
  • Vendor managed inventory – we manage inventory for you and your suppliers to improve your cash-to-cash cycle
* Booz Allen Hamilton Analysis, Annual Reports