CEVA’s City of Pharma

City of Pharma

A green multi-user hub dedicated to healthcare products

•    20,000 sq m of total surface 
•    Temperature controlled (15-25 °C, 8- 25 °C and 2-8 °C)
•    Daily shipments to 13,000 pharmacies, 500 hospitals, 400 wholesalers and customer sales force
•    Pharmaceutical plant in overpressure of 250 sq m

We believe that the future of supply chain in Italy is focused on a collaborative approach; sharing infrastructures, networks, people and processes through sector-focused multi-user hubs, enabling customers to face market fluctuations, create savings and provide high service levels. 

CEVA’s City of Pharma is a perfect example of such a collaborative approach. The hub is fully dedicated to the warehousing and handling of products destined for healthcare distribution channels, such as vaccines, antibiotics and life-saving drugs, which require specialist storage and handling. The site is using state-of-the-art technological solutions and is equipped with the most innovative systems for temperature control, a critical factor for some pharmaceutical products which need to be kept at a certain temperature to maintain product integrity and efficacy. The location of the hub enables distribution throughout Italy and many other markets such as Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

City of Pharma warehouse
The City of Pharma hub has been equipped with a photovoltaic system that produces 1,100 MWh per year, equivalent to the annual consumption of 400 homes, saving on average about 80 tons of CO2 emissions.




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