Newspapers and magazines

The news never stops and so does the newspapers supply chain

Our thorough understanding of the publishing industry has enabled us to develop a complete set of specialized logistics solutions.

  • Inbound services for print centers
    • Delivery of printing plates
    • Paper reels
    • Print center pallet management
  • Magazine break bulk and sales-based replenishment
    • Wrapping and kitting
    • Consolidation of titles by wholesale and retail region
    • Returns management
    • Integrated service for supplements and Live News including poly bagging
    • Trade counter
  • Primary distribution
    • From print center to wholesaler/distributor
    • On-site post-press management services, including product preparation and dispatch management
    • Consolidation of titles across publishers and print centers
    • Full track and trace with web access

For the newspaper and magazine distribution timing extremely matters. You need to know precisely what is happening in your supply chains and partner with a logistics provider who can react immediately to keep your operations running smoothly all the time. Thanks to our people who understand your industry well and a set of tools, including integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS), Transport Management System (TMS) and ShareNet, you can benefit from full end-to-end control and visibility to make your business flow.