Production support


The challenges facing automotive manufacturers have rarely been greater, as demands for higher standards accompany extreme pressure on costs and a difficult operating environment.

At CEVA, we work in partnership with leading automotive companies to develop support systems that address all of your logistics needs. Our people serving our automotive customers around the world work hard and make sure we deliver:

  • Flexibility – though our planning and scheduling we provide a flexible supply chain, while enabling inventory reductions
  • Lower costs – any automotive companies have applied lean methodologies to lower costs; we were the first logistics company to do the same and have built a robust continuous improvement program across our operations worldwide
  • Real-time visibility – if anything does go wrong, we can take remedial action to prevent any disruption before it happens
  • Reliability –  We use standardized processes, highly trained staff and proactive management to ensure compliance with quality requirements.

Our services include:

Core services

Extended services

Support services

  • Small and large lot delivery
  • Kitting and sub-assembly
  • Sequencing
  • Line-feeding
  • Scheduled delivery
  • Container management



  • Packaging and packaging design
  • Hot-parts management
  • Inventory management
  • Waste management
  • Scheduling
  • Material release


  • Logistics engineering
  • KPI reporting





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