TYRECUBE™ enables supply chain digitalization and automation

TyreCube solutionCEVA Logistics created the most advanced solution to ship and store tyres across the world together with Goodpack, which operates the world's largest fleet of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). 

With TYRECUBE™ we deliver a complete and robust supply chain solution for the tyre industry in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. We support the whole life cycle of the tyre industry, from rubber to end-of-life tyres and we handle a robust range of product categories from 2wheeler tyres, commercial and even aviation and agriculture.

Tyre shipments around the world are often complicated movements.  Now stocking points and overflow locations can be set up and disassembled within weeks with minimum cost liability.

All the TYRECUBE™ can be used as both a transport and a warehousing module, allowing more efficiency and flexibility. Using the latest technology to link the UIN (Unique Identity Number) of each tyre and the batch number/DOT to the TYRECUBE™ RFID. With TYRECUBE™, you can extend the digitization and the automation of your supply chain.