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Today’s global marketplace is characterized by complex challenges driven by dramatic seasonal fluctuations in market demand.  Cost pressures from many directions mean SKU and activity profiling are essential to stay on top of what’s happening in your distribution center.

To compete effectively in this environment, customers must balance inventories, utilize the best IT support for order processing while at the same time increasing profitability through the flexibility and efficiency of their supply chains.

CEVA is fully conversant in what makes a supply chain tick and translates its knowledge into evolving, improving solutions which are innovative, efficient, and scalable whatever your operations’ size.

CEVA’s Supply Chain Solutions represents a comprehensive supply chain management 4PL/LLP service which provides the orchestration, execution and performance ownership of all supply chain management functions from origin through to ultimate destination.

Our customers can benefit from:

  • Reduced end to end supply chain costs
  • Proactive management of freight flows
  • Increased flexibility and control
  • Efficient use of all transportation modes 
  • Greater visibility and real time information
  • Reduced risks and disruptions


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