Home Delivery & Technical Courier for our Customers in Italy


As the n°1 logistics expert in Italy, CEVA Logistics is radically changing the concept of home delivery by introducing the first range of solutions that addresses both parcel delivery and White Gloves services.

SUITEHOME guarantees only one point of contact for logistics management and Customer Service, therefore streamlining the entire process.

SUITEHOME offers a wide range of flexible and customizable services according to individual needs and requirements, such as: feedback on delivery, installation of products, collection and disposal of used vehicles, dedicated Customer Service, and delivery 7 days a week with a 30 minutes notice. Currently SUITEHOME is offered only for our customers in Italy.

Making Your Customers' Experience Flawless

The SUITEHOME range of solutions is a high-quality and homogenous service all over Italy. Providing the best-fitting solution to deliver successfully to your customers’ home, SUITEHOME ranging from the small package, to the large and/or heavy appliance that requires an installation with our “White Gloves” service.

  • One provider able to manage the whole delivery service up to home installation.
  • CEVA is capable to cover a larger partnership, extending service provided adding on top fulfilment, warehouse, import / export, etc.
  • White Gloves service homogeneity all over Italy.
  • Full tracking of delivery updated in real time.


SUITEHOME Solutions Range Tailored to your Needs:



With SUITEHOME, CEVA Logistics has rolled out a new concept of home delivery: an opportunity to "pamper" your customers, surrounding them with high added value attentions and to generate tangible value also for one's own company.

  • Timely delivery: Thanks to CEVA's dedicated and integrated network spanning across the country, we can provide the most cost-effective and efficient transportation services therefore ensuring timely delivery of your goods.
  • Full visibility and monitoring: In addition to the delivery notification sent once the product has been delivered, customers will always be able to access the delivery status of the shipment, so as to remain up to date and be able to intervene in the event of changes.
  • Dedicated customer service: Customer Service is at the complete disposal of our customers. CEVA's dedicated call centre team aimed to resolve problems and help the final customer to be satisfied.
  • Value added services: Beyond delivery service, our reliable staff and our team of experts are ready to support your needs for products installation, reverse logistics and final disposal of damaged and old appliances




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