Business Process Management and Improvement (BPMI)


Two distinct elements combine to deliver the operational excellence we demand of ourselves: Business Process Management and Business Process Improvement.

Business Process Management defines the methodology and approach which provides visibility to, and controls the process.

Business Process Improvement  increases value by improving the process - enhancing quality, service levels and productivity, and implementing cost reduction initiatives, to achieve the desired result.

Both elements can be applied to the air and ocean business lines, making them valuable multi-modal processes.


Within the management and improvement processes there are three distinct areas:

1. Quality

In simple terms, this sets out the standards and responsibilities. It evaluates compliance to defined standards and follows up on any corrective action required.  At the same time it defines metrics and targets which are required to monitor operational performance and identify improvement opportunities.
182 CEVA sites around the world are part of the global ISO 9001 certification.


This is our structured and continuous improvement program for eliminating waste.  It’s a way to manage our business, reduce costs and at the same time improve the quality of services we provide to customers.  Greater flexibility and reliability result from adopting LEAN methods, which comprise a number of complementary approaches which we can apply to all areas of the business.

3. BPR (Business Processes Re-engineering)

This is a new way of doing business starting with a blank sheet of paper.  CEVA uses BPR for both internal and external requirements. It is applied alongside LEAN to enable the structured, continuous improvement of a process.  BPR is deployed when an entirely different or new approach is required, or where an existing process needs upgrading to a much higher standard than already exists.