Business Process Excellence (BPE)

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The goal of CEVA’s Business Process Excellence team is to create a workforce of problem solvers. Everyone shares the same aims: improvement in quality, delivery and cost for our Contract Logistics customers.

LEAN is a key part of this strategy and its principles are applied across all CEVA functions and departments. Standard governance ensures a common approach to our business across the globe, while retaining the flexibility to adapt to local markets, needs and opportunities.

BPE enables us to employ best practice across our 11 global clusters, monitoring the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) used in each area.  It’s a constantly-evolving process in which we adapt as we grow and develop our customer relationships.

Four key components of BPE:

1. Quality Assurance

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All our customers set out extensive quality requirements, and we have both the experience and the flexibility to manage the most complex of these.Our internal quality management program provides both the structure and the tools to deliver quality assurance for every customer.

The conformance of service is monitored throughout using KPIs, which may be unique to the customer, or standardized based on operation type.  We work very closely with our customers to develop new metrics specific to their business, and set performance goals and targets to fully monitor service delivery.

2. Continuous improvement

Lean LEAN is our structured, continuous improvement program for eliminating waste.

All our supervisors undertake a week-long LEAN training course so they understand how it works, and how to implement it in their daily work - to ensure each team can actively achieve several “kaizens” a year.  Every CEVA site around the globe participates in the LEAN program.

“Kaizen” simply means a change for the better.  We encourage all our staff to participate, because every idea and each individual input can make a difference.  By embedding this culture of continual, aligned small improvements and standardization, we can yield important gains in productivity.

As part of the program, managers are trained in Kaizen. This includes every CEVA employee from warehouse worker to CEO, and is applied across all departments.

Each year the individual or team with the best Kaizen is presented with an award by CEVA’s CEO.  Since the program commenced in 2008 CEVA employees have processed over 60,000 Kaizens.

3. Project implementation

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Our aim is to have a Zero Defect Start-Up (ZDS) once a new customer is welcomed onboard.  The CEVA ZDS team provides project management expertise set in a single framework of documents for all CEVA businesses.

Within its structure, tasks are identified, project owners put in place and timelines set.  The ZDS team aims to avoid any duplication of effort or re-working, and reduce implementation expenses.


4. Site Classification Assessment (SCA) and Business Process Governance

UAE dubai lean Through Site Classification Assessment, we demonstrate to our customers the scale of our commitment to continuous improvement.

32 sites globally already showcase our gold standard for SCA, with a further 335 in the pipeline.

Our performance management team defines and governs the company’s standards for all continuous improvement processes. They also support the revision of processes where required, and can create or improve compliance mechanisms CEVA-wide.