Q1 2019 - Ground transport Europe

CEVA ground updateIn France, 2019 is not going to be a quiet year for the road transport sector as recruitment remains difficult, particularly for drivers. Increase of gazol/diesel price will likely to influence the volume and the way of doing business in the sector.

Transport companies in France ended 2018 below expectation. The Gilets jaunes /Yellow vests movements and blockade in the final two months of 2018 have caused a significant decline on all big sectors, especially on industry and building.

In Iberia, shortage of drivers remains the main concern in the sector.  The government has approved the Amendments to the Regulation of Land Transport (ROTT), so we expect a thorough revision of the land transport regulations. The increase of diesel taxes is put on hold until after the election in April 2019.

In the UK, diesel prices have fallen by 2.2p from 131.1 p/litre in December 2018 to 128.9 p/litre in January 2019. CEVA UK continues to optimise the performance of its vehicles through mining data and insight via telematics, to ensure value added to the operations and services for its customers.

During the final quarter of 2018, CEVA has sent the first-ever TIR truck between China – Europe. Recently, CEVA extends highway to the west and commences regular trucking service between China and Europe.



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