Brexit Update

Is your supply chain Brexit ready?

CEVA is fully committed to our operations and providing excellent services to our customers.  

  1. Multi modal service across Europe
  2. AEO support programme
  3. Short Sea Shipping Options
  4. CFSP Solutions for imports
  5. Multi-user warehouses in both UK and Europe
  6. The utilisation of the Transit System.

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In the Benelux, one of the main solutions CEVA is implementing for many customers is shipping a larger amount of volume than normal in the next six weeks to create a higher minimum stock level of their products is already in the UK to deliver to the British consumer. This will benefit CEVA’s customers from a Tax and Duty perspective but also guarantee there is no disruption for their UK supply chain.
Also a strong push for warehousing and distribution requests are coming our way in the Benelux, as more and more British companies are realizing that they will need to find a solution on the continent for a post Brexit supply chain. This ranges from a cross dock facility to a Forward Stock Location (FSL) or a full Distribution Centre (DC) option to ensure they can continue to deliver on their customer promise.
CEVA Benelux is ready to support its customers with every need and has the footprint and expertise to take on the challenges ahead with a deal or a no deal Brexit.


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