Q1 2019 - Air freight Europe

CEVA air freight updateThe European air freight market growth has started to slow down already in the last few months of 2018. The first months of 2019 show a slight decline, yoy – though Europe Exports are still faring better than global average and 5% better than the Asia-Pacific market.

Air freight capacity according to IATA has grown by 3.7% ytd 2019- this growth is mainly driven by passenger demand and therefore not necessarily on lanes where additional cargo capacity is required.

CEVA has won over the last few months additional export business in the industrial and technology sectors as well as import business in consumer & retail and technology sectors.

Heathrow Airport has doubled its Chinese connections, adding six new cities, including Europe’s only flight to Shenzhen. “These new services helped to push global trade flowing through Heathrow,” the operator confirmed. There’s also further progress in its masterplan for expansion, including the building of a new runway. Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) expects to release detailed plans for further consultation in June, and said it remains on track to submit a planning application in 2020. Source: Air Cargo News.

In the UK, reports of drone sightings around London Gatwick Airport’s late last year resulted in closure of the airport and disruption to flights. The drones were flying in a prohibited airspace around the gateway. The UK Government has confirmed that it intends to tighten legislation governing no-fly zones around British airports as of March 2019.  Source: UK Government



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