Keeping Your Supply Chain Running

Keeping Your Supply Chain Running

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our highest priority remains the safety and wellbeing of our staff, customers, and business partners. But it’s also vitally important that CEVA Logistics enables its customers’ businesses to continue operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Lately, various countries have started to open up the lock-down, allowing businesses to start again under strict sanitizing requirements. Within CEVA Logistics’ Crisis Management Plan we have introduced the next step of de-confinement and have slowly started to bring employees back to work to the office, (including sites and warehouses). Our priority is to keep employees healthy and safe, as such, we have been planning resource requirements for workplaces but also training on how to conduct themselves at work and whilst commuting.   

We will continue to monitor the situations daily and review the operational status. The appointed central points of contact for escalations allows us redeploy resources from other business areas where necessary. We are confident that our approach will enable us to keep our finger on the pulse of the daily business, communicate quickly and effectively, and react swiftly to changing scenarios.

In this extremely challenging logistics landscape, CEVA Logistics is working hard to circumvent pinch-points with viable service alternatives – such as air charters - that will enable its customers throughout the world to keep the global economy moving. CEVA Logistics will continue to leverage its global network, its expert and hardworking workforce, its preferential carrier relationships and its innovation to support customers like you through the difficult months ahead. 

Whatever your problems, CEVA Logistics stands with you to help resolve them.


Every day the 110, 000 employees of the entire CMA CGM Group, including CEVA Logistics, remain committed to maintain our supply chain activity running in every country during the pandemic.

In this unprecedented context, Rodolphe Saadé, Chairman and CEO of CMA CGM Group reasserts the key role of the global Suppy Chain in our actual and future economies and confirmed the Group's commitment to stand with you during this trying time.

Watch the full message from our Chairman and CEO Rodolphe Saadé to our customers and partners>


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Our highest priority during this time remains the safety and wellbeing of our staff, customers, and business partners. 

CEVA Logistics will continue to leverage its global network, its expert and hardworking workforce, its preferential carrier relationships and its innovation to support customers like you through the difficult months ahead. Whatever your problems, CEVA Logistics will stand with you to help resolve them

Status of Operations | COVID-19


While the situation is fluid and changes on a daily basis, our teams remain at your full disposal to inform and support you in your specific requirements.

Last update: 3 May, 2020



Contract Logistics

Our operations are moderately impacted for the time being. We have been taking measures to mitigate risks and comply by all governmental requirements in our sites. Sanitary measures such as wearing gloves, masks, hand washing, regular sanitizing of equipment and equipment as well social distancing are in place. 
Many countries started or plan to start opening their lock-downs. We are constantly adapting to our customer’s challenges and do our utmost to meet their needs, especially in a context of highly fluctuating volumes. 
The situation is changing fast and we will keep posting regular updates and directly communicate with our customers. If you have any specific requirements, please reach out directly to your CEVA representative. 

Air Freight

After the restriction in international passengers flights, causing a massive drop in belly capacity, many airlines operate passenger aircrafts as cargo carriers. Carriers have cancelled  blocked space agreement and allotments and the capacity constraints have resulted in a steep increase on carrier rates.
Cargo airlines and passenger aircrafts operating as freighters are still allowed to operate, although occasionally backlogs may appear due to limited staff and constrained working time. Where available, CEVA is offering on some short/midrange lanes (i.e. Latin America) trucking options as an alternative to the high airfreight rates.
CEVA gateways and stations are continuing to operate in all countries while ensuring safety measures to protect our employees.
If you have any specific requirements, please reach out directly to your CEVA representative. 

Ocean Freight

Our ocean freight operations are fully functional. We continue to operate normally in most of our locations, yet backlogs appear in some ports due to limited port staff, reduced working time, blank sailings and delays for custom clearance
Although some seaports have reduced sailing or have reduced operating hours, overall ocean freight operations remain under control. 
If you have any specific requirements, please reach out directly to your CEVA representative. 

Ground Transport

Road transport is running normally in most of our locations. Border restrictions causes some delay mainly in Africa. For more information on border crossing delays in Europe please visit

If you have any specific requirements, please reach out directly to your CEVA representative. 


Read the latest operations updates by country>


With global trade intensifying, any major incident anywhere in the world may cause temporary or long term disruption to your supply chain. At times like these, there is no substitute for CEVA Logistics' strong global network on every continent, combined with its broad expertise in Airfreight, Ocean freight and Ground transportation, and its preferential relationships with major carriers. CEVA Logistics can provide viable global solutions for all industries.

You can rely on our complementary solutions to keep your global supply chain running:


See how we support customers like you – minimizing disruption throughout an uncertain business world:



air CEVA


Air Freight

Whether your shipments fit the bellies of passenger aircraft or need specialist freighter aircraft to move them, CEVA Logistics will provide ideal, tailor-made solutions to match your urgency and your budget.
From Alaska to Zanzibar and everywhere between, your local CEVA Logistics airfreight expert is just a click or a call away.

CEVA Logistics Power

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Ocean Freight

CEVA Logistics can move your goods on any route around the globe, thanks to its close relations with the world’s leading container shipping lines, operating the largest vessels and the most efficient liner services. We offer Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) solutions from any port to any destination.

CEVA Logistics Choice





Ground Transportation

CEVA Logistics has developed fast, easy, cost-efficient FTL and LTL trucking capabilities across the world: most recently from China to Western Europe, with a transit time of just 14 days. 

In North America, CEVA Logistics is one of the biggest ground transporters, operating coast to coast, and using a 1000-strong fleet to reach any point in the USA within 4 days. In Asia, CEVA Logistics ground services connect Singapore with Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and China in 7 days.

CEVA Logistics expertise:



Rail Freight

CEVA Logistics is a major Rail Freight operator between Asia and Europe, and within Europe and North America.
CEVA Logistics offers fast, reliable, economic rail-based transport solutions that will secure your supply chain while  providing viable alternatives to Air and Sea freight.

CEVA Logistics on track:


myCEVA – Your Digital Freight Partner

In this extremely challenging logistics landscape, it is more important than ever to have a logistics partner you can rely on. CEVA Logistics has created myCEVA, the most efficient solution to help you navigate through the current uncertain context. 
myCEVA provides instant access to real-time contract rates’ or spot rates’ quotes. It helps you to select the most appropriate schedules and place transport bookings instantly, whether you are shipper or consignee. myCEVA ensures access to each milestone of your shipment so you can improve efficiency and have greater control over the entire process. Thanks to its dedicated customer service, you can benefit from a permanent visibility of your shipment and get answers to any question.



Temporary Storage and Warehousing Solutions 

Leveraging our strong network of transportation and strategically located warehouses, CEVA Logistics now offers temporary storage solutions and warehouse spaces in various locations to support your contingency plan during Covid-19.

CEVA Logistics spaces:


solution design



Solution Design

CEVA Logistics engages with customers using a formalized and comprehensive collaborative solution development process, in order to understand your business and tailor  solutions that meet your global supply chain needs. 
Our highly experienced supply chain solutions design consultants, supported by CEVA Logistics’ industry-specific knowledge banks, design and develop cost-efficient solutions for your business. 

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Supply Chain Management

CEVA Logistics’ Supply Chain Solutions’ global control tower network provides scalable and efficient supply chain management in support of CEVA Logistics’ 4PL and LLP services. CEVA Logistics Supply Chain Management uses configurable, proven processes to provide you with global end-to-end supply chain control.

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