Partner with a market leader in publishing logistics

The publishing industry changes on a daily, even hourly, basis, which presents a unique set of challenges for supply chain professionals. Thousands of titles, short shelf life, multiple languages and unexpected peaks in demand are just a few of the issues you have to handle.

Our expertise in publishing and media logistics combined with our rigorous process-driven approach give you reliable cost-effective distribution solutions for live news, books, periodicals, magazines, print inserts, point of sale collateral and other printed material.

Our shared networks and multi-modal capability, supported by integrated systems, provide you with a reliable and flexible supply chain with real-time web-based tracking and customized management reports. In the UK and in Italy, we are the market leaders in publishing and media logistics for the newspaper, book, printing, stationery, paper and packaging industries.

Besides warehousing, order processing, international transportation and just-in-time delivery, we provide:

  • Added value services - including protective packaging and customization
  • Inbound logistics - effectively managing your suppliers' flows
  • Inventory control - balancing stock levels with availability
  • Reverse logistics - collecting unsold or returned publications