FashionDelivering the magic of fashion

When shopping for fashion items, barely any customer entering these shops or ordering online thinks of the hard work and dedication that results in these beautiful items being available for the purchase.  It is all simply there in a perfect shape, exactly as it needs to be.  Invisible to the consumer stays the effort of a smoothly running supply chain behind the brand and the creation of the magic that fashion is. 

Over years, we have gained extensive experience in various fashion and retail fashion segments and in-depth understanding of high-end fashion customers’ requirements. This allows us to deliver the utmost services to you and add value throughout your supply chains. We help you reduce inventory, provide visibility of your orders all the way to the retail outlet and elaborate network studies to optimize your supply chain. moreover, our e-commerce and e-fulfilment platforms can support your omni-channels logistics.

One size does not fit all and we apply the right approach to our customers’ needs, should it be a high fashion house, medium-end or fast turning mainstream fashion.  

We offer a full range of supply chain solutions from order consolidation services, through freight management, domestic transportation and distribution management, contract logistics to value added services such as Garment on Hangers (GOH) services. 


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