Advanced Hub

Advanced Hub 2


Shipping as an extension of inventory management

We understand that sometimes you need more time to sell your cargo. Because putting inventory closer to your potential customers and secure lead times can be a complex challenge, CEVA has developed the Advanced Hub solution. Whatever the final market is known or not, advanced hub allows to buffer between the first leg and the second leg and provide your customers with “just-in-time” delivery. No need to wait until orders are placed to ship your cargo, Advanced Hub enables to reduce delivery lead-time and customers’ order-to-cash cycle.

Key advantage from the Advanced Hub is to retain transhipment status at Hub port, a free zone facility, with nil local duty/tax. In the Hub, cargo remain in the container inside the secured terminal, which reduce considerably the storage costs.

Our solution enables you to optimize your costs, productivity and lead times: 

  • Full monitoring over physical stock available in the hub 
  • “First In First Out” management 
  • Quick access to worldwide markets

The following locations offer an advanced hub:

  • Port Klang 
  • Singapore 
  • Colombo 
  • Malta 
  • Jebel Ali 
  • Khor Al Fakkan 
  • Kaohsiung 
  • Kingston 
  • Tangier

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