Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Cross Border Trucking

CEVA Ground in Asia Pacific

  • Ground transport solution:
    • Full Truck Load (FTL) Service
    • Less than Truck Load (LTL) Service
    • Value added Services : air suspension vehicles, GPS Tracking, 24/7 real time monitoring, temperature controlled trucks, CEVA Control Tower
  • Cross Border Trucking: Between China and Hong Kong, Macau, BLP U-Turn, ASEAN, Mongolia and Central Asia
  • eCommerce services: Between South East Asia and China
  • Railway: From China to Europe, Russia, Mongolia and Central Asia 
  • RORO Service: Between China and Japan, Korea and Taiwan 
  • Multimodal: Oversea via Southeast Asia and China to Europe, Russia, Mongolia and Central Asia 
  • TIR Direct Trucking: From Southeast Asia and China to Central Asia , Russia and Europe. Read more: CEVA sent the first ever TIR truck from China to Europe

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 CEVA cross-border service                    CEVA Ground network in China 


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