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CEVA Logistics wins major contract with Airbus

CEVA to manage production supply for Airbus at the aircraft manufacturer's assembly site in Hamburg, Germany.

More than 58,000 sq m warehouse space will be handled

After winning the spare parts program in 2020, CEVA was recently awarded a large contract from Airbus to manage more than 58,000 square meter warehouse at Airbus’ facility in Hamburg, Germany.

CEVA will now manage production supply for the A320 family structural assembly, and also the manufacturing and equipping of A330 and A350 sections.

Within the new contract, CEVA will initiate and implement logistics improvements using the LEAN (logistics) principles to further increase efficiency within the facilities.

The 'LEAN' principle is implemented at every CEVA site around the world. All our supervisors undertake a week-long LEAN training course so they can implement it in their daily work.