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Our Technology services support a broad range of needs with our average customer relationship exceeding 20 years. CEVA Logistics provides solutions covering the Technology sector including Semiconductors, Consumer Electronics, Computer, Storage & Peripherals, Communication Services and Enterprise Technology, Printing & Imaging.

Storage, stock management, order shipping, multi-channel delivery, Value-Added GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) services and Project Logistics are all key components of our overall technology services portfolio.

When selecting CEVA Logistics as your Technology partner we provide every customer with a comprehensive service offering with a broad service portfolio in air, ocean, ground and Contract Logistics and demonstrated capabilities in handling capital equipment, NFO, SL1 shipments. 

We have experienced Technology staff across our network. Through Operational Excellence – our continuous improvement culture drives productivity and quality.

We utilize our technology and Innovation - with integrated IT systems and automation supporting cost effective solutions; long-term investment in digitalization and innovation.

We are constantly adapting our Technology services to provide sustainable competitive advantage.

We’re Customer-centric. We think like a customer and we drive/focus on the basics: Relationship, Customer Service and Impeccable execution.

Quality: we consistently meet or exceed stakeholder expectations. Through extreme discipline with realistic commitments and over delivering on customer requirements – we manage the details.

We’re Flexible and adaptable to changing business.



We operate our specialized semiconductors supply chain solutions from dedicated technology sites around the world across both the integrated device manufacture (IDM) and Capital Equipment sides of the industry.

Our teams are fully conversant with the cyclical trends which present profitability and capacity challenges and we design our solutions to cater to the peaks and troughs of seasonal behaviour.  

Across Inbound Logistics we provide a full range of services that cover:

  • Global multi-modal capabilities (Air, Ocean, Ground) including Dangerous Goods,
  • Time-definite services multi-user warehousing stock locations with VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) and SMI (Supplier Managed Inventory) solutions.

Within our air freight services, our specialist teams who are expert in handling semiconductor shipments can support you in NFO, SL1, spare-shipments which includes weekend 24/7 deliveries.



Within Capital Equipment Logistics, our specialist Project Logistics centers cater to OOG (Out-of-Gauge) moves in all regions. Through our range of Control tower solutions we manage all services within your supply chains, including Design & Engineering, Sourcing and Auditing, under a flexible commercial and operating model. We can provide customized milestones and pricing proposals for budgeting and control.

With our assembly and test operations for the semiconductor industry we can offer:

  • In-plant logistics for shipping optimization
  • Line-feeding
  • Configuration, software download and test
  • Time & Temperature definite services
  • Customs brokerage
  • Web enabled tracking solutions

Across our range of Value-Added Services you can choose from any combination of:

  • Kitting, packing and configuration
  • Sourcing and purchase order management
  • Supplier Management
  • Returns processing 
  • White Glove delivery

To ensure that product stocks are maintained at comprehensive levels, our warehousing and aftermarket capabilities are available through both global and regional distribution centers.  Our teams can also handle spare parts distribution as well as returns, repairs and reverse logistics.

And for the all-important outbound and final mile our teams can optimize multi-modal routings for your shipments.  We have cross-docking solutions for final mile deliveries and we have well-established, reliable Integrator partnership for small shipments.  And don’t forget we have our own dedicated charter & OBC (Onboard Courier) department to provide urgent lift when required.


In addition to the semiconductor industry we’re working across the Technology sector in:


Consumer Electronics

Providing services across the entire spectrum of Consumer electronics: analog or digital equipment intended for everyday use such as flat-screen TVs, DVD players, video games, remote control cars, cameras, TV streaming. We have expertise in supply-chain for consumer electronics industry and we answer all your needs:

  • From analog to digital equipment
  • Manufacturing support 
  • Device sub-assembly
  • Fulfillment & Distribution
  • Other: VAS, FTZ, Aftermarket, RMA
  • With Multimodal (Air, Ocean, Ground, Rail) and Contract Logistics solutions

Communication Services

We are a market leader in supply-chain for communication services industry and we answer all your needs:

  • From network equipment to operators globally (equipment | services | wireless devices)
  • Solutions for content providers, web portals, social media, infrastructure, devices
  • Warehousing infrastructure with engineered solutions and automation

With Multimodal (Air, Ocean, Ground, Rail) and Contract Logistics solutions.


Computer, Storage & Peripherals

Comprising establishments primarily engaged in: manufacturing computers, computer peripheral equipment, communications equipment, and similar electronic products, as well as components for such products.

We are a market leader in supply-chain for computer, storage, peripherals industries and we answer all your needs:

  • Manufacturing onsite staff support 
  • I2M
  • Fulfillment & Distribution
  • Time Sensitive Service for Prototypes
  • New Product Introductions / Launches
  • New market entrance strategies
  • Other: VAS, FTZ, Aftermarket, RMA

With Multimodal (Air, Ocean, Ground, Rail) and Contract Logistics solutions.


Enterprise Technology, Printing & Imaging

Companies that manufacture printers, scanners and related document production equipment. Enterprise technology streamlines workflows, improves communication, and provides access to data.

We have expertise in supply-chain for enterprise technology, printing & imaging and we answer all your needs:

  • Configure to Order (CTO) to Point of Sale (POS) build lines
  • Kit builds
  • Staging and launches
  • Other: VAS, FTZ, Aftermarket, RMA

With Multimodal (Air, Ocean, Ground, Rail) and Contract Logistics solutions.


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