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Fully integrated transportation and logistics solutions for the complex, high-tech sector

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The world of technology is highly competitive and fast paced. It is essential that as your logistics provider we are responsive, flexible and can deliver the right choices quickly. You need an expert logistics partner so that you can fully focus on your core business.

Working with many of world’s top technology companies means CEVA has the sector knowledge and tailored services to beat the market and give you a competitive edge.

From semiconductor and consumer electronics through computer, storage & peripherals, communication services and Enterprise Technology, printing & imaging our technology team can deliver innovative, responsive solutions to meet your needs.


CEVA Services

We provide services for the following Technology sub-sectors:

  • Semiconductor
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Computer, Storage & Peripherals
  • Communication Services
  • Enterprise Technology, Printing & Imaging

Through end-to-end solutions:

  • Manufacturing support
  • Inbound transportation
  • Warehousing & distribution centers
  • Outbound transportation
  • Aftermarket services
  • Final mile solution

And Value-Added services:

  • Innovation, Automation and digital features, 
  • Green / Sustainable solutions
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Engineering & transport optimization
  • Customs & fiscal representation
  • Performance management
  • Full traceability

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Using our global footprint to expand your influence

From support for your manufacturing to inbound / outbound transportation, warehousing and distribution, after market and final mile delivery we deliver solutions to the technology industry.
Integrated IT

Our integrated IT systems and automation support cost effective solutions, long-term investment in digitalization and innovation and it’s all backed up by our experienced in-house technology team.

Global scale

We manage Technology sites globally which makes us flexible and readily able to adapt to constantly changing end-user needs.


Global network

With our strong network in both Freight Management and Contract Logistics our teams can design and deliver solutions to meet every requirement.


We work in partnership with leaders and experts from all sectors. Discover our success stories.

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