road show ceva showfreight
road show ceva showfreight


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Sector Overview

Our customer, called upon the Showfreight team to position a full-scale replica of the Virgin Galactic on the USS Intrepid – an American aircraft carrier temporary stationed on the Hudson River in New York. 

The project involved not only the shipping but also the building of the spacecraft, which required using a 200T crane, to lift the exhibit 30 metres or the equivalent of a three-story building on to the deck of the aircraft carrier.  

Another example saw the team transport five tons of Sony’s latest camera equipment to Iceland for a photoshoot involving the world’s leading photographers.  The first leg involved transporting the equipment to the summit of the now infamous ash cloud volcano Eyjafjallajökull.

The second leg saw us move all equipment to the dockside in Reykjavik and onto a waiting boat so that the guest photographers could sail out to sea for whale watching.    

As part of our contract with BAE Systems, we manage and store all their exhibition assets.

Case studies