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Asset Management

Companies who have an extensive event calendar entrust Showfreight to handle their logistics all year round.  To facilitate the efficient management of this, many clients look for innovative IT solutions to maximise the use of their goods or assets.  

We offer a range of systems starting with simple stock storage and essential inventory management through to more complex online ordering, stock replenishment, quality control checks and disposal.  We can provide this with total visibility, thereby maximising the efficiency of your event movements and saving costs.

Larger clients can also utilise our asset management technology at individual events, where extensive storage and daily stock replenishment is required. 

All systems are individually created to meet the specific needs of a client and come as part of the service. 

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Bespoke crating and packaging

The freighting of event equipment involves handling high value, fragile, out-of-gauge, prototype and sometimes hazardous products.  

Transportation can often involve multiple legs to the journey with the goods moving between different warehouses, ports and airports. 

Event goods and cargo must be packed, correctly and safely, to withstand the rigours of transport. Our Showfreight team provides comprehensive advice about how best to protect the freight and offers a complete packing / crating service.   

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Technical planning 

The Showfreight team frequently handles freight requiring specialist equipment to manoeuvre it into its final position.  

Our technical planning department will liaise with both the destination and exhibitor to devise the most efficient, cost-effective and safest delivery procedure possible. 

Understanding the exhibit is critical. 

  • How's the equipment moved?  
  • Are there specific lifting points?  
  • Has best practice already been devised?  

Understanding the venue is also crucial.

  • What are the measurements for access points
  • Is there a floor loading limit?  

Many factors can affect delivery, and you need expert technical planning that can manage every aspect, event those off plan!

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Site visit assessment

From exhibition venues to art galleries or shopping centres – the range of potential sites is huge meaning site visit assessments carry high importance. 

Arranging final delivery is often a complicated procedure with local constraints that need navigating.  When dealing with a new venue, we always conduct a site visit.  

Visualising a venue from a logistics standpoint is important.  

  • Understanding how vehicles arrive at a venue, 
  • where the lorry park/holding areas are, 
  • does the venue have a traffic system and understanding 
  • What are the unloading/reloading facilities?

These are just some of the assessments that need to be made.  

Physically seeing the venue and its infrastructure enables our project managers to devise a logistics plan.  Site visit assessments requests are crucial to make a logistical assessment on a venue’s viability.  

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