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Solutions for Freight Services

Global solutions across the CEVA network.


A complete range of solutions.

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121228_CMA_110_Copyright Port of L.A

We manage the purchase of raw materials, carry out small assemblies and ensure the replenishment of lines, storage and delivery.

We have a range of multimodal transport:

  • Road: we use national and international networks, in FTL or LTL and adhere to the TIR convention.
  • Air: Standard or Expedited Service, On Board Courier, Dangerous Goods, Consolidation Services
  • Maritime: concerns both FCL and LCL loads; we charter ships and manage consolidation.
  • Rail: offers intra-European services and fast connections to Asia.


Extensive experience in multimodal transport.

Our extensive experience in international transport makes us the ideal specialist to advise you. Our multimodal approach allows you to have an overview of all the alternatives. We will find the right solution whatever the project, the type of goods or the destination.

For example, we have an extensive road network in North America, an extremely fast rail network between Europe and Asia, and multiple sea lanes that can be combined with air freight or land transport.

Our presence is global; we have a solution for you.


A wide range of air cargo services

To meet urgent needs, we have a wide range of air cargo that is available in four services: Air Charter, Air Now, Air Premium and Air Value.

  • For transit times over 96 hours to emergency services 24/7
  • A network in 160 countries, with possible consolidation in 14 global gateways covering all key sectors of the economy
  • Your partners are recognized as global experts, for optimal quality at competitive prices We also provide insurance and customs brokerage services for you.

We also provide insurance and customs brokerage services for you.

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Maritime freight services

We offer FCL and LCL marine services:

  • FCL - Weekly services with 289 carriers on 12 lines and 248 routes. We serve 11,500 ports around the world and 237 countries door-to-door. All these services are possible with all Ocean Alliance partners.
  • LCL - Weekly services on over 600 lanes and 10,000 ports. Our transit times are reliable with a defined route. We provide global consolidation services.

In both cases, you benefit from value-added services, tailor-made brokerage solutions and last-mile support.

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An optimised rail network

Rail offers advantageous rates compared to other modes of transport, while guaranteeing the same reliability and the same range of services. It is the best solution between Europe and China with:

  • Weekly train departures, with predictable transit time
  • Consolidation service and customs facilities
  • Rigorous operational management of origin and destination activities.

We provide short sea connections with Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan and Korea.

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An extensive and efficient road network

Benefit from our own equipment, but also the equipment we rent to access as large a network as possible. We align our pick-up and delivery schedules with those of the marine cargo, while maintaining great flexibility to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

Among our offers, take advantage of:

  • Cross-border services across Europe, North America and Asia
  • Value-added services such as pre-labelling, sequential delivery options, pool distribution and last mile delivery
  • Door-to-door delivery service


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