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Solutions for Contract Logistics

When you need guaranteed transit times to ensure your shipment arrives within a specified window.


Comprehensive services at every stage of the value chain.

Young Caucasian employee in sterile uniform holding tablet and counting products in boxes. Food factory interior.
Supply chain
Supply chain
Young Caucasian employee in sterile uniform holding tablet and counting products in boxes. Food factory interior.
Supply chain
Supply chain

CEVA Logistics operates 9,000,000 m² of industry and aerospace storage space in 750 locations around the world, primarily in North America, Europe and Asia.

We provide a rich range of comprehensive cargo management solutions, including:

  • Storage and inventory management

  • Inbound and outbound transportation

  • Value added services

  • Logistics projects


9,000,000 m²
Storage space
dedicated to industry and aerospace


By supporting the full logistics of your supply chain, we provide you with accurate visibility from the first supplier to the end customer. Discover our offers in storage, value-added services and transport. Everything is done with the utmost respect for safety rules, laws and our own code of ethics.

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Warehouses and inventory management

We arrange warehouses according to needs: pallet racks, shelves, bins, cantilevers, for all kinds of parts: small, very large or bulky.

We are authorized to store dangerous goods and provide many services:

  • Handling with pallet trucks, cranes and lifting equipment,
  • Inventory control: management of basic item data, “cycle counting”; wall-to-wall service on request, replenishment
  • Storage (FIFO / BBD)
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Inbound and outbound transport

We can organize inbound and outbound transport, managing all operations:

  • INBOUND:>SKU counting, product identification, control, serial number registration; labelling, repackaging; validation and registration of country of origin and supplier conformity
  • OUTBOUND:picking and packaging, managing orders, issuing export documents; loading and securing containers, cross docking

We have a call service available 24/7.


Value-added services

We make sure to inspect and check the goods before delivery, before preparing them for shipment

  • SPECIAL PACKAGING:Packaging is done in an in-house carpentry shop; we also have special packaging for dangerous goods
  • PROCESSING OF RETURNS:repairs, cleaning, forwarding.

We support reverse logistics.


Logistics projects

Take advantage of our project engineering expertise: we guarantee turnkey project management. Rely on CEVA Logistics to provide you with all the solutions for:

  • Packaging and handling of oversized goods
  • Special permits, export compliance, export documentation
  • Transportation management We guarantee end-to-end solutions.


We proudly partner with many leader across industries, discover our success stories.