Pharma & Bio-pharma
Pharma & Bio-pharma

Pharma & BioPharma

Dedicated solutions for raw materials, finished products and patients.

Sector Overview

We provide end to end cold chain and non-cold chain solutions, through warehousing and distribution, across all transportation modes road, rail, air and ocean.

  • Security - valuable and sensitive Pharma and BioPharma products required the highest security solutions across Freight Management and Contract Logistics services and solutions, and we can manage all your pharma logistics needs securely.
  • Quality - Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control units run as two performance-driven organizations utilizing a single QMS system globally, providing you with the highest standards of service.
  • Pharma Temperature Control - We operate specialist pharma warehouses, and temperature-controlled facilities at strategic locations worldwide, including  Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.
  • Customs - Keeping your Pharma and BioPharma supply chains running is essential. We provide you with full Customs Brokerage management and solutions to ensure your products can move cross-border without delays.
  • Packaging Management - We also provide a full spectrum of active, and passive packaging options, including Out of gauge and Dangerous Goods and can develop patient-centric logistics solutions bespoke to your needs.
  • Direct to patient Home Care Solutions for your pharma and biopharma products in selected markets.
  • Compliance - Critical in healthcare industries, and we are fully compliant and can provide GDP and GMP services. 
  • Process - Our processes are ISO compliant and operate to ISO norms in every locality, and address FMD and Serialization requirements.
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