CEVA Healthcare - Medical devices
CEVA Healthcare - Medical devices

Medical Devices

All classes of small and large Medical devices, and equipment including diagnostic imaging, disability & mobility aids – – we cover them all.

Sector Overview

At CEVA Logistics, we provide a wealth of experience in managing medical and device supply chains worldwide.

We manage the world’s largest medical device warehouse in Heerlen, Netherlands and 20 of the top 30 medical device manufacturers in the world choose our specialist supply chain services for their products.

  • Regulatory requirements – We follow MDD (Medical Device Directive), MDR (Medical Device Regulations) regulatory requirements, and our WMS - Our (WMS) Warehouse Management Systems are designed to meet all the latest medical device regulations.
  • If using Ethylene Oxide (EtO) to sterilize some single-use medical devices. Our teams are fully-versed in pre/post product logistics and have broad experience of EtO processes.
  • Kit and Stock management - An essential part of healthcare inventory is the effective logistics control of loner, trunk consignment stock. The management of which requires timely delivery to the required location and the supplier’s safe return.
  • Class I, II and III  - We operate across all Medical Devices classes including dental, vision and hearing products. Classes served include;
    • Class I and II: Non-durable medical supplies, including disposables - gloves, incontinence products, syringes, urine bags, catheters, collection devices, wound care, ostomy care, vision care (contact lenses), dental care (braces) and hearing aids.
    • Class III: Cardiovascular implants (such as pacemakers, CRT-D), orthopedic implants (such as knee/hip joint replacements), and dental and hearing implants.
    • Apparatus, implants and related articles used to diagnose, prevent, or treat disease.
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