CEVA Healthcare - Diagnostics & Labs
CEVA Healthcare - Diagnostics & Labs

Diagnostics & Labs

Dependable logistics services and solutions for delicate samples and laboratory materials.

Sector Overview

Diagnostics has a profound impact within healthcare industries and is at the forefront of medical innovation and provides insights into your patients’ healthcare outcomes.

  • Diagnostics and labs are continually changing, and our expert teams can meet all requirements of this changing and evolving business. When you require flexibility to manage complex order fulfilment, temperature-controlled warehousing distribution and transportation, we can provide robust and compliant solutions. 
  • Diagnostics account for high volumes of testing with IVDR (In-Vitro Diagnostics Regulations), giving critical information for your patients at every stage of their care. CEVA adapts to your changing needs and can offer customized services to meet your unique requirements while providing easy access to global markets. Our teams have full knowledge of the regulatory market, including IVDR, to ensure full compliance. 
  • CEVA Logistics specialist teams have experience managing every product type, including Re-agents, Consumables, Kits (involving re-agents and consumables), analytical instruments and devices, and accessory products and software.
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