CEVA Healthcare - Consumer Health

Consumer Health

Delivering what the patient orders where the patient needs it

Sector Overview

CEVA Logistics has extensive experience in the eCommerce logistics field; we have taken our valuable knowledge and developed specialist compliant eCommerce and Omnichannel services for healthcare industries, including Pharma, Medical, Medical Devices, Diagnostic and Consumer health.

OTC drugs, medical devices (e.g. Diabetes), and home diagnostics are evolving to eCommerce and Omnichannel platforms and must comply fully with GDP regulatory requirements.
Our services, solutions and systems are designed to help our customers seamlessly move from tradition pharmacy shopping to eCommerce and Omnichannel fulfilment.

  • Complete visibility 24/7 available through our control tower network.
  • Consolidation hub facilities to reduce city storage and transportation.
  • Last-mile delivery services to end customer location.
  • Value-added service includes repacking, return and transportation management.
  • IT integration systems and interfaces

Case studies