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Sector Overview

With renewable power playing an ever more prominent and important role in overall energy production CEVA Logistics can offer its extensive experience in all aspects of clean energy. Across wind, solar, water, geothermal and nuclear you can rely on our teams around the world.


Wind turbine projects are second nature to our energy team which has many years’ experience working with specialist wind power generation companies. From installation of wind farms to a full range of aftermarket services we’ve got it covered.

CEVA Logistics


We’ll take care of all your solar industry products on every continent.

Our comprehensive one stop shop solution works for the creation and building of solar parks and the movement of individual panels as well as panels installations as per your instructions.  

Choose from a range of services including Ocean Transportation for OOG (Out of Gauge) and Regular Cargo, Road Survey at Destination, Crane Lifting services at construction site or at remote locations, import Customs brokerage and ground transportation.

Trust us to manage all aspects of the delivery to ensure compliance with established timelines.

Solar energy

Water (Hydro & Tidal)

Tidal power is harnessed by converting energy from tides into power. And as a renewable energy source it is more reliable than wind or solar.  New technological developments and improvements mean that this sector is set to increase in importance in the coming years.  

CEVA Logistics works across both installation and Aftermarket for the industry.

Hydro power continues to be a major contributor to the global renewable energy mix with the majority produced by dammed water driving a water turbine and generator.

Our competence encompasses moving all elements of hydroelectric turbines, and other oversize hydroelectric equipment, alongside a full range of aftermarket services.

CEVA Energy Sector - Renewables


Geothermal power plants convert heat to electricity using high-temperature heat from the Earth, accessed by drilling hot water or dry steam wells.  The hot water or steam is piped to the surface and used to power turbines that generate electricity. Geothermal power capacity globally is expected to rise globally in the coming years. It is estimated that, as a pollution-free source of energy for both power and heating, geothermal has the potential to meet 3-5% of global demand by 2050.

CEVA’s extensive portfolio of services can support power stations creation and deliver aftermarket services for geothermal providers.

CEVA Energy Sector - Renewables

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