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Streamline your returns processes and expand product life cycle for a seamless customer experience


Returns are strategic to any eCommerce business – your returns policy has a direct impact on customer retention and loyalty. According to ‘Consumer Report: How Returns Impact Customer Retention’, 96% of US consumers believe retailer return policies directly reflect how much a brand cares about its shoppers.

Furthermore, it is important also to notice that more than 56% of consumers care about the environmental impact of returns ‘somewhat’ or ‘a lot’ — and only 20% of consumers don’t consider them at all. (Source: Loop survey – July 2022) 
Returns cost 2.5 times more than an outbound transaction on average. Some industry segments, such as clothing, have the highest rate of returns (The average return rate of clothing in the US apparel market sits at 20.8%, with rates having risen by more than 50% since 2020 (source TI March 2023).

We know that return management impacts customer experience, carbon footprint and competitiveness, so we have designed scalable returns logistics solutions that help you: 

  • elevate your customer experience with a seamless return experience and fast refunds  
  • reduce your costs to serve thanks to competitive processing costs, high levels of productivity, and quick return of items to stock 
  • expand the lifecycle of returned apparel, fashion, and footwear items 

At CEVA returns centres, over 90% of items are processed within 24 hours* and are ready for shipment to consumer. In addition, 95% of processed items are graded to sellable condition and are ready for re-selling and we offer additional salvage services when needed.  Unrecoverable items are sent to secondary markets or recycled.
With our extensive transportation network, we handle first mile and transport of returned items to our scalable fulfilment and returns centres, covering more than 40 countries across Europe.

*CEVA Logistics figures: average within European network 


CEVA offers end-to-end returns logistics solutions for eCommerce fashion and apparel brands: 

  • First mile: large parcel carrier partner network to enable consumers to return their products conveniently. 
  • Transport: ground services to move products within the network of returns and fulfillment centres 
  • Returns and fulfillment centres to handle your returned items  
    • Grading - assessment of the returned items: condition, SKU, quantity, and light cleaning 
    • Salvage and Value Added Service - repair and refurbish faulty products to pristine condition to make them available for sale quickly 
    • Back-to-stock - packing, sorting, and shipping back to the fulfillment centre

With our proven expertise across Europe, we can scale this solution globally


At CEVA, we understand that fashion moves fast. From two to six collections a year, fast returns processing provides quick shelf availability and reduces the need for discounting and sell-off. This fast pace requires a high level of logistics flexibility to handle peak seasons effectively.  

  • Extensive range of first mile services to fit with your shoppers’ preferences: drop returned items off at a PUDOs, opt for -home pick up or return directly to a retailer physical shop, whatever their choice we have the solution  
  • Transportation Consolidation solutions to optimize delivery to returns centres 
  • A web-based IT system with Generic API to enable quick implementation (API portal via Mulesoft)   
  • A large return centres network with 11 sites across Europe, highly scalable to your requirements: 
    • focus on speed: returns handling near core markets for a quick refund to consumers 
    • focus on cost: returns handling in Eastern Europe with cost-efficient and scalable solutions 
    • hybrid model: cost and speed optimisation through a combination of satellite locations close to end-consumer markets, with re-packing and salvage services in Eastern Europe  
  • Specialised teams with intense product know-how to assess and refurbish fashion items
  • An extended range of refurbishment services: repack of items, polybag and box labelling, light cleaning at workstation, folding of items, tags reattachment, hanging garments handling, packaging, and replacement of hygienic stripes 
  • State-of-the-art salvage services to extend your product lifecycle: spot cleaning, textile repairs external washing and dry cleaning, ozone cleaning, UV sanitisation, hygienic check UV, shoe repair, spot cleaning for shoes

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Returned ITEMS
handled per year in Europe
Unique collaborative IT system for returns processing
processed items
graded to sellable condition and ready for re-sell
90% of items processed within 24 hours and ready for shipment to consumer



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