eCommerce Fulfilment Solutions

Fast onboarding process combined with expertise in peak season management

Flexible bespoke eCommerce fulfilment and order distribution solutions

Your customers’ online shopping and returns experience may include bricks and mortar shopping, buying online direct, click and collect, in-store purchase with home delivery and the option to return goods. The consistent requirement across all shopping channels is the speed that your customers expect to receive or return their orders. 

As your eCommerce business grows you’ll need new fulfilment solutions, or to adapt your supply chain strategy to cope with peak seasons or new product launches. Choose a partner who offers a fast onboarding process and a suite of comprehensive eCommerce fulfilment services, which include expertly designed and managed solutions. 

From the largest global marketplace to a local online retailer, we can design solutions to meet your requirements. Our highly-trained teams can set up stand-alone fulfilment centers in new countries, even if you have not previously operated there. 

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We can handle complex product assortments, such as in marketplaces featuring sortable, non-sortable and hazmat items. CEVA has extensive experience in fast ramp-ups to meet demand and can manage extreme peaks in all locations.

Our central and local teams will work closely with you throughout the design phase of any fulfillment center and carry this forward to the implementation and operation. We invest in best-in-class IT, storage, handling and security equipment to ensure the management of your products runs smoothly across all areas.

We employ a continuous infrastructure, layout and process review. Following volume increases, we can ensure that your products are managed in the best way possible. Your supply chain solutions are implemented seamlessly with our single IT Integration and our global network.

eCommerce Fulfilment Services

  • Pick, pack and ship orders quickly and efficiently
  • Warehouse Management System for fulfilment and built-in-house (Omnichannel and Warehouse management systems)
  • Receiving, Storage and Value Added Services
  • Mechanization, automation, and robotization
  • Last-mile and returns
  • Pop up warehouses and time-critical implementation
  • Oversized and HAZMAT products management
CEVA eCommerce fulfillment

Expanded eCommerce Fulfillment Capabilities

Fulfillment / Forward Logistics is more than just getting a product from point A to point B. Our fulfillment and transportation solutions enable your growth — through any channel, any market, anywhere. Whether fulfilling Marketplace orders on Amazon or or supporting your Magento or Shopify website, we have the technology, infrastructure and expertise to help you every step of the way.


Services to delight your customers:

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Our eCommerce fulfillment solution is designed to be an extension of your brand. With direct to consumer fulfillment operations in over 150 locations worldwide, we help our customers scale quickly and support growth. Start with a single warehouse solution or create a global footprint using multiple warehouses.

Retail Replenishment & B2B Fulfillment

Our Retail Replenishment & B2B Fulfillment Services are designed for brands and retailers to support growth. Our solution ensures compliance matches our global network by addressing compliance, connectivity, and driving consistency with retail partners.

Transportation Management

Ensuring carrier performance and maintaining carrier contracts can be a daunting task. We offer comprehensive global transportation management for LTL, truckload and small parcels. You can focus on growing your business by procuring shipping rates on your behalf, maintaining carrier contracts, and more.

Value Added Services

Value added services are designed to deliver a fantastic customer experience. With standard value added services -- kitting, labeling and quality control processes — and advanced services like creating display builds and SIM card installation, our customers have a single provider for all their needs.


Our dropshipping solution allows brands to sell direct-to-consumer orders through virtually any retail trading partner (e.g.,,, with customized packing lists, and EDI integration, all while maintaining retailer compliance and reducing chargebacks.

Marketplace Fulfillment

Marketplaces have become a key driver for sales growth and channel exposure. We provide marketplace fulfillment for the following channels:, Marketplace,, and, allowing a single pool of inventory to fulfill your marketplace channels.

Electronic Visit Verification Device Fulfillment

Backed by our long-standing history and expertise in mobile device fulfillment, we can optimize the fulfillment and overall supply chain for electronic visit verification (EVV) devices. We are proud to provide LINK, a platform connecting hardware, software, and activation technology to enable the first ever EVV-only device with easy-to-manage data to ensure care recipients and their providers never have to worry about EVV tracking. So whether your business is D2C, B2B or B2C, our omnichannel fulfillment and warehouse management solutions bring immeasurable value to your supply chain.

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