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Sector Overview

The world of publishing has changed beyond all recognition in the last decade.

From trade and educational books to eCommerce operations, type of material, storage, method of sale and returns - publishing logistics is a complex and specialised business because of the dense nature of what has to be transported.

Our Expertise


As world leaders in publishing logistics we have long-term partnerships with market-leaders in consumer and educational publishing.

We are able to stock, process and deliver to precisely match your individual requirements.

CEVA Logistics has many years’ experience in the field and operates the world-leading City of Books in Italy where business to consumer activities including fulfilment of customer orders are managed.

In the UK we operate a shared-user, multi-channel fulfilment centre providing dedicated warehouse and fulfilment services to provide next day deliveries for customers.


CEVA has a strategic focus on its growing eCommerce portfolio for the whole publishing sector and our Italian operation is one of the most modern, automated sites in Europe.

CEVA handles more than 90 million books per annum.

Our process-driven approach means we work to deliver cost-effective distribution, handling, storage, dynamic SKU profiling and stock allocation across newsprint, periodicals, books, magazines, print inserts, point of sale collateral and academic/educational books

Combine this with warehousing, order processing, international transportation and just-in-time delivery and we can provide you with a complete range of publishing specific services

Case studies