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Sector Overview

Online marketplaces are eCommerce sites that offer many different products from many different sellers. Multinational, regional or local their focus is on consolidating the fragmented elements which make up their online product catalogues.

Convenience is the name of the game for online marketplaces with new digital services and machine learning, analytics and other emerging technologies, empowering brands & retailers to jump onboard.

When supporting Marketplaces logistics, collaboration is key. Our focus lies on delivering customer expectation while at the same time providing shared logistics infrastructure in the background. 

Omnichannel is all about properly integrating the different methods of shopping available to consumers. Through supply chain fulfilment and multi-user solutions, we offer, you can deliver a seamless consumer experience to the marketplace user.

We’ve built our eCommerce expertise by partnering with the key marketplaces across the world. They trust us because of our ability to meet standard and non-standard requests.

Our Expertise

About Ceva logistics
About Ceva logistics

Every online marketplace has its own unique requirements.  When it comes to logistics with CEVA as your partner, you have a world leader who can deliver satisfaction to every type of customer. 

As your marketplace grows and expands your product sales will scale up through demand or seasonality. We provide every aspect of support covering Direct2Consumer (D2C) , Business2Business (B2B) and Business2Cconsumer (B2C) logistics.

We back all this with a tried, trusted and secure IT infrastructure including our in-house eWMS (eCommerce Warehouse Management System).  We’ve co-developed this over years with leading players in the industry so it’s both solid and stable.



Peak season management and scalability is second nature to us, we have years of experience assisting customers with this.  We can allocate all the resources necessary to ensure your operations are fully adaptable to any seasonal peaks.

Operational complexity is no problem, we manage large outsourced fulfilment centers and sort centers of every kind.

And our capabilities stretch across all types of goods including XXL, non-sortable, heavy and bulky, Dangerous Goods and high value items.

They can also include cross-border solutions for B2C orders into Europe, North America and Africa.

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