Consumer & Retail sector - CEVA Logistics
Consumer & Retail sector - CEVA Logistics

Furniture and Home Equipment

Deliveries turning houses into homes

Sector Overview

Furniture and home equipment logistics has a particular emphasis on ground transportation networks, where the focus is on the all-important last mile delivery.

Everything that turns a house into a home is covered by our Furniture and Home Equipment services - Home furniture, furnishings, home equipment including household appliances, floor coverings, general and office furniture, fitness equipment, bathroom fixtures and floor coverings. 

A key part of our white gloves service is delivery to the room of a customer’s choice.

Fast and predictable delivery is required for big-ticket items with real-time status visibility to keep both the customer and supplier in the loop at all times.


Our Expertise

Consumer & Retail sector - CEVA Logistics
Consumer & Retail sector - CEVA Logistics

Our ground transportation networks are ready to serve you in 40+ countries around the globe – notably USA, UK, Turkey, China and ASEAN cross border.

We’re the recognized market-leaders in furniture and home equipment logistics.

Through our expertise we deliver a customer-first experience.

High-end or high volume- it’s all part of what CEVA can do for you.

Complex operational requirements are no problem and we share our best practice knowledge for  operational deployment and execution

Choose from our broad range of market-specific value-added services and combine with our eCommerce and eFulfilment platforms to optimize your omni-channel logistics.

Our flexible commercial solutions make us the ideal partner when developing a strong footprint in developing geographies.

Our multi-channel warehouse management is perfect for supporting your online sales development – and we can cater to seasonal spikes and large volume increases.


In Italy our SUITEHOME service is radically changing the concept of home delivery by introducing a range of solutions addressing parcel delivery and White Glove services.

We guarantee one point of contact for logistics management and Customer Service, so streamlining the entire process.

SUITEHOME’s flexible and customizable services installation of products, collection and disposal of used items, dedicated Customer Service, and delivery 7 days a week with just 30 minutes notice.


Case studies