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Sector Overview

Shaped by the seasons and driven by consumer demand, fashion industry logistics requires fast turnaround and flexibility to keep up with new trends and business peaks.

Visibility is vital across the fashion supply chain tracing all parts of the process, from concept to customer, your reputation may depend on it.

Fashion players need to share data, strategies and insights to navigate market-driven requirements to grow and expand their reach.

Our Expertise


CEVA has extensive experience with key players across Consumer & Retail.  We offer dedicated solutions tailored to meet the challenges of this fast-moving industry.  We proactively adapt to offer best-in-class service levels. Our omni-channel capabilities support all distribution channels.

Through our multi-level systems and Contract Logistics services we can support a broad range of your needs – storage, stock management, advanced solutions, multi-channel deliveries, value-added services – we’ve got them all covered.

And size doesn’t matter – we offer management of operational complexity for big, mid and small size retailers alongside a full range of Fashion and Apparel value added logistics services. And we combine this through our solid partnerships with the leading eCommerce marketplaces in North America, Latin America and Europe.

And because we’re leaders in this field you’ll discover our advanced management solutions include the use of automated mobile robots and drones.

Right from the start of the supply chain we can offer sourcing and PO Management so you have manufacturing support to cover every aspect of your business.

We manage your products in our worldwide warehousing and distribution centers – dedicated or shared with eFulfilment and Omnichannel services, buyers consolidation at origin and Free Trade Zone operations – all designed to precisely match your needs.

Our huge range of specialist fashion value added services include: GOH (Goods-on-Hangars), Tag/Swing Tag brand application, Care label application / stitch, Promo pack kitting for multi SKUs, Small repair operations, RFID application, Security piece/tunnel or hand held scan and Silica-gel humidity bag application.

Throughout the process we offer an extensive range of Quality Control services.

And because the fashion business changes pace for the different times of the year we provide specialist support for seasonal volume upsurges and demand velocity.

To complete the picture you can opt for a range of final mile services – location dependent. 

And throughout the process you’ll be part of our commitment to greater sustainability throughout the supply chain, for which we provide complete visibility.

Case studies