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Our smart supply chain solution for the tyre industry

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Tyrecube is a strategic partnership between two leaders in the Tyre sector: CEVA & GOODPACK.  The facts of using Tyrecube.

  • Efficiency gain: Higher transport volumes of tyres and blue collar reduction
  • Containers: over 4 Million units in use, damage prevention, safe handling
  • Distribution & stocking point: more than 5000 delivery points combining raw material & finished goods warehouses in 65 Countries
  • Innovative track & trace: trace your stock easily, support digitization/automation with using industry trend from DOT to Unique ID of Tyres, less people involved.

The benefits of using Tyrecube:

  • Cost savings: up to 15% compared to traditional solutions
  • Sustainable: lower CO² emissions by reducing empty runs of vehicles
  • Time & space saving: loading bay efficiency increased by 200%,

Vehicle turn-around time drops by half, storage density improves up to 2.5 times (vs. traditional ground storage method)  and improves 20% against traditional storage modules.


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Up to 15% cost savings


Increase in loading bay efficiency

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Our smart supply chain solution for the tyre industry