Operational Excellence is fully embedded in our culture

We are driven by a culture of operational excellence

Operational excellence culture is embedded across all our services

Operational Excellence culture is embedded across all of our service offerings, be it air freight, ocean freight or contract logistics and acts as a guiding vision for our skilled workforce to deliver values for our customers. Driven by distinct requirements between freight forwarding and contract logistics operations, we have built two distinct approaches for our business process excellence (BPE) program.

In the air and ocean operations, we aim to develop a culture in the workplace that cultivates achieving high operational and quality standards to maximize our performance.

In contract logistics, we utilize the Plan-Do-Check-Act and Kaizen methodologies, standardization, and governance.  The BPE program in Contract Logistics focuses on the CEVA Way principle, continuous improvements culture, and our robust Site Classification Assessment (SCA).


Air & Ocean Business Process Excellence (BPE)

Within the air & ocean operations, we attain excellence through different focus area:

  • Governance. We reinforce governance around the globe to ensure consistency, visibility and sustainable performance
  • Continuous improvement. We drive continuous improvement and leverage best practices to improve efficiencies
  • Re-engineering. We deploy Business Processes Re-engineering when an entirely different or new approach is required.
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Contract Logistics Business Process Excellence (BPE)

The objective of BPE (Business Process Excellence) is to create a team of problem solvers to improve quality, delivery and costs for our Contract Logistics customers.

Within the Contract Logistics operations, our teams cultivate operational excellence through three elements:

Process Standardization & Compliance

Our operational design principles can be summarized in the “CEVA Way”. The CEVA Way consists of six guiding principles to ensure best practice implementation is done at global scale, to deliver the best in class performance in terms of safety, cost, service level, quality & productivity.

Site & Transportation Classification Assessment (SCA & TCA)

Our classification assessment allow us to define and systemize operational standards, thus allowing us to consistently deliver Operational Excellence around the world. Our SCA & TCA system is one of the most robust classification systems in the logistics industry and is fully aligned with ISO Standards.


Two elements that make up our continuous improvement culture are our LEAN and Kaizen programs:

LEAN is implemented at every CEVA site around the world. All our supervisors undertake a week-long LEAN training course so they can implement it in their daily work and ensure each team can actively achieve several “Kaizens” per year.

Kaizen” originally means a change for the better. Started more than 10 years ago, the program encourages staff to submit their Kaizen ideas, with the best one receiving  the CEVA Global Kaizen of the Year award.

Quality Policy

Delivering customer satisfaction and continual improvement is the responsibility of every CEVA employee.

We strive for perfection, providing our services efficiently to the required internal and external standards and objectives.

We operate our business in a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible manner in accordance with all applicable regulations.

We accept ownership and accountability as individuals and as a global team.