Speaking Up

We protect the values that unite us as one CEVA! We speak up!

One Team

It is our duty to protect CEVA: when something is not right, we speak up and CEVA will listen and act!

Sometimes it is a genuine mistake, sometimes it is a behavior that is not in line with our values, our Code of Conduct, or the Law. When we speak up, every situation is treated confidentially, and CEVA protects every colleague who speaks up from retaliation. We all deserve to have a culture of organizational justice, where misconduct is addressed fairly, objectively, and timely.

speaking up

Our Responsibility

We speak up! iconicon
Speaking Up is about protecting our values and improving the way we work, the way we serve our customers with excellence.

When something can be improved or when a situation does not sit right, it is our duty to voice it, ask for help and advice.

You can speak up to whomever you feel most comfortable:

  • Your line manager
  • Human Resources, Legal
  • Your Ethics & Compliance Officer in your country or Region.

If you prefer, you can also contact our helpline available 24/7, in multiple languages – in most countries you can make anonymous reports if you want.

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When you speak up, CEVA’s Ethics & Compliance team will investigate each and every matter confidentially and with full objectivity.

Investigations are performed by accredited investigators under the supervision of the Ethics & Compliance Function:

  • only trained and accredited investigators can investigate and
  • only under the supervision of the Ethics & Compliance Function.

For each case, Ethics & Compliance will:

  • protect the confidentiality
  • establish the facts
  • compare the facts to the Law, the Code of Conduct, or CEVA’s Ethics & Compliance Rules and Principles
  • recommend a fair, objective, and proportionate action.

After each case, Ethics & Compliance will assess the risk for retaliation and ensure CEVA takes necessary and proportionate measures to protect all involved in an investigation from any retaliatory action.

We protect our colleagues iconicon
Safety is our priority!

Every day every one of us, on CEVA’s and our business partners’ sites, ensures that we work in a safe environment. To do this:

  • We understand and follow all of CEVA’s health, security and safety standards.
  • We watch out for our colleagues and step in when they need help.
  • We report all health & safety issues immediately.