Data privacy
Data privacy

Protecting Data & Privacy

We care about the person behind the data

One Team

We have an elevated responsibility to protect the data customers, employees, and business partners share with us. Protecting data, confidentiality, and privacy goes beyond adhering to the fullest extent to the law; it is a matter of respect and excellence. Every day we go beyond and above to deliver on that commitment.

Protecing data

Our Responsibility

We respect privacy iconicon
Behind every data there is a human! We know it and we respect it!
  • We only collect and process data when:
    • we are authorized to do so; and
    • we have a good reason to do it (for example protecting colleagues, delivering goods, fulfilling our contractual obligations).
We protect the data of our customers as if it would be ours iconicon
We value privacy and design all our processes to safeguard the information shared with us.
  • By default, our standards ensure that we minimize, anonymize, and only store for as long as necessary.
  • We hold all our business partners accountable to the same excellence in protecting the data we have been entrusted with.