Exemplary Leadership

We are one CEVA team on our way to success!

Leading One Team

When CEVA is entrusting Leaders and Managers the responsibility for colleagues, they have an elevated responsibility to lead with integrity and be role models. Our teams expect us to protect and shape our culture. Through our example we impact the way we work, respect, and listen to one another. Every day we live up to this expectation and aim for better ways.

exemplary leadership



We make it clear iconicon
We grow the confidence of our team members by being clear on responsibilities and expectations.

We communicate openly about what matters, and we make sure our teams understand the One CEVA Code and our Rules & Principles applicable to their role. This way we lead our teams to excellence.

We support one another iconicon
Leading people to success is about respect and listening

We are there for our team to voice their questions, concerns, and ideas. Speaking up is about protecting One CEVA. We ensure our teams feel comfortable with their duty to speak up; as much about ideas and improvements, as about Ethics & Compliance and this Code.

we earn trust iconicon
When we listen, we commit, and we act.

Our actions are seen and heard, and they influence those around us. It is a privilege to earn our teams’ trust; we are proud that we are the ones they call for help and to share success.

We aim for better ways iconicon
At CEVA, we build our success on merit.

When we face ethical dilemmas, we have the courage to pause, reflect on the impact of our actions, and ask for help. The standards we set are exemplary, just as our teams.

We lead by example iconicon
Every day we inspire our teams to be bold and ambitious.

For us, better ways are forged with integrity and the continued excellence in going beyond our customer’s expectations. We develop, grow, and nurture our teams to become CEVA’s leaders of tomorrow.