We are committed to preserving the planet


We strive to better understand our environmental impact and to provide data for our customers to support their sustainability goals through customer carbon emission reporting.

Environmental issues are at the centre of our concerns

The environmental measurement software we are developing will allow our customers to get more accurate information about their carbon emissions. Next to it, we have taken several actions in the past few years, such as:

  • Being an active member of the Clean Cargo Working Group
  • Joining the Sustainable Air Freight Alliance (SAFA), which advocates responsible transportation. The SAFA is made up of shipping companies, airlines and freight forwarders that are committed to measuring and reducing their carbon dioxide emissions.

We conduct numerous checks on our customers and suppliers and encourage their local environmental initiatives.


Local practices we are proud of

Our teams are committed to fighting waste

In Italy, we rent a site of twelve warehouses equipped with high-efficiency photovoltaic energy production systems, covering a total area of 278,750m², with savings of 9040t per year. Our team also created a paperless process, from the beginning to the end of the chain.

Reducing the environmental impact in our warehouses

Producing clean energy and educating people

In the Benelux, CEVA warehouses are designed to become electricity neutral, using solar panels, wind power, LED technology and efficient equipment. This initiative goes hand in hand with employee awareness concerning energy saving.
Solar energy

Planting trees to offset emissions

Our employees are committed to sustainable development

In Brazil, tree planting compensates any CO2 emissions above the site targets. This program meets many sustainability criteria: the plants are purchased from local communities in partnership with the NGO SOS Mata Atlântica. Finally, employees are also aware of the issue, and 5,000 of them have already received training.
Amazing blooming algae on green river, aerial view