project logistics case study Callensvyncke
project logistics case study Callensvyncke
Case studies

Transporting a 93-ton boiler door to door

from Italy to France


The customer was looking for an experienced partner who could safely and effectively transport a complex heavy load boiler shipment weighing 93 tons door-to-door from Peschiera Borromeo, Italy to Hautbourdin, France.


Our customer's business challenges 

The nature of the cargo and its destination posed unique and complex challenges. After the collapse of a bridge in Genoa in 2018, permits to move heavy load equipment by road alone are much more difficult to secure, in many cases requiring alternative, more expensive multimodal solutions.

Due to the presence of tunnels and bridges with max cargo weight restrictions via road, a full ground delivery route was not permitted.

The company requested CEVA: 

  • Determine the best, most cost-efficient option for transporting the cargo. 
  • Manage chartering of necessary vessels to progress the shipment. 


How CEVA designed and executed end-to-end multimodal solution for complex heavy load shipment 

  • Secured all requisite permits.
  • Analyzed loading ports for terminal charges, port specializations and geographic proximities to select best, most cost-efficient option for unloading from barge and reloading to vessel: selecting Marghera, Italy.
  • Chartering specialists managed sea freight procurement and fixing of charter vessel.
  • Analyzed ports for breakbulk unloading at equitable cost, selecting Antwerp, Belgium.
  • Engineering team designed lifting, lashing, securing, and welding plan for ship, barge and truck transport with vendors.
  • Managed delivery by barge from Antwerp to river port Santes, fit to receive the adapted discharge crane.
  • Worked with customer to ensure proper planning, coordination, and success of last mile delivery with mobilization of crane and trailer to unload cargo from barge and deliver by road 5kms to Hautbourdin, France consignee site.
  • Arranged pre-op transport preparation, customs documents, cargo pre- and -post-transit inspection.
project logistics case study Callensvyncke



of cargo moved safely


Project lifespan

Our team’s dedication to excellence and regular communications with the customer ensured smooth operations, and the 650,000 Euro boiler was delivered seamlessly to the consignee in just 7 months.

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