Shipping trucks movers
Shipping trucks movers
Case studies

The Tetris Challenge

Shipping trucks movers, trailers, and spare parts from Asia to Africa as breakbulk cargo on a chartered multi-purpose vessel and finished loading at origin in five days.

Project Overview

CEVA Logistics designed a solution to ship a number of large industrial vehicles plus spare parts from China to Cameroon to meet the customer’s deadline and budget. With the unique challenge and sizable volume of the shipment, a partial charter solution enabled a successful and timely delivery.

The Challenge

Our customer, Petro Service & Logistique (PSL), needed a logistics solution to quickly load and ship 92 units of semi-trailers and tractors and 18 additional packages of spare parts from Tianjin, China to Douala, Cameroon in one shipment to meet their project schedule.

The size and volume of the shipment required meticulous planning and a creative, Tetris-style packaging scheme. With the challenging pricing and capacity situation in today’s RORO market, PSL sought out a reliable logistics partner that could deliver the shipment within their budget and timeline.

Semi-trailer freight transport

The Solution

CEVA Project Logistics experts in China took on the “Tetris challenge” from planning to final delivery and with the support of its chartering team, provided an efficient solution utilizing a multi-purpose vessel instead of a pure car carrier vessel that is commonly used. With the support of its in-house transport engineer, the team optimized the stowage plan which accommodates as many units of cargo as possible on the vessel. With careful planning and swift execution, CEVA Logistics experts analyzed and filled the space to ensure safe and timely delivery.

Shipping trucks movers


The CEVA team successfully loaded the cargo onto the breakbulk vessel within five days, ensuring safe and efficient transport. The cargo, upon arrival at the destination, was discharged within 1 day, and customs clearance was completed within 5 days and delivered precisely on schedule and within the project budget thanks to the innovative stacking solution implemented. The project serves as a testament to the meticulous planning and execution of effective and creative project logistics.

5 Days

Cargo loaded onto the breakbulk vessel within five days.

1 Day

Cargo was discharged within 1 day upon arrival and delivered precisely on schedule.

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