De Bijenkorf banner image case studies
De Bijenkorf banner image case studies
Case studies

Supporting a premium shopping experience



Our customer is the Netherlands’ largest premium department store with locations in seven cities, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, and a web store.

Offering a careful selection of the best fashion brands, designer brands and luxury products, and adhering to the highest quality standards, the retailer has been awarded the Best Omnichannel Shop in the Netherlands.

Our customer's business challenges

In 2008, the retailer was looking for a partner that could facilitate its ambitious growth plans, whilst maintaining its dedication to curating an inspiring and unique shopping experience. The company wanted its customers to have a premium experience, regardless of whether transactions were made in stores or online.


Our key actions to meet our customers' expectations

They found what they were looking for in a partnership with us.

The value-added services we implemented in operation help ensure a seamless shopping experience across all channels — for example, when customers purchase online, they can select a preferred order delivery time. The company also guards against out-of-stock issues by making all of its inventory available from a single pool, regardless of location.

Omnichannel fulfillment is just one area of focus. We have successfully implemented the following solutions to support its eCommerce operations:

  • Hyper-customization – Clothing items are wrapped in silk paper before being packed in a branded box, and suits and dresses are transported in rollors (an award-winning packing method) to ensure they arrive in perfect shape at a given destination. An exceptional customer experience is in the details, so we customize elements like wrapping, decoration, and handwritten cards according to the preferences of eCommerce customers; for example, if an online shopper wants a product packed in white wrapping with a pink ribbon, this can be accommodated during the order fulfillment process, just as it would be done in stores.
De Bijenkorf image case studies
  • Last-mile services – In eCommerce, last-mile services are a critical part of the customer experience. We provide an array of last-mile services and are committed to delivering orders anytime, anywhere. Last mile services include:
    • Same-day delivery
    • Timeframe delivery
    • In-store pickup (This also works the other way around: If a product is unavailable in-store, it can be ordered in-store, or online.)
  • Improving customer loyalty with returns handling solutions – In the apparel industry, return rates are higher than what is typically seen in other product categories. Efficient handling of returns is crucial for a positive customer experience and can influence customer loyalty. A flexible returns solution allows customers to return products to a store. Our returns solution includes:
    • Handling returns within 24 hours
    • Grading based on many characteristics
    • Refurbishment
    • Reconditioning
    • Testing (electronics)
    • Trigger for refund or new order

In general, 60-80% of returned goods are “fast movers” (in-demand products), so operational processes aim to get returned products back in-store or online as soon as possible.

While the retailer’s primary goals are to deliver a leading luxury shopping experience, focus on personalization and deliver a premium shopping experience, its also committed to environmental awareness, which extends to the sustainability of its supply chain. Together, we are reducing our footprint and planning more ways to do so in the future.


24 hr

turnaround time for returns


peak seasons successfully managed together

Since 2008, we’ve managed many successful peak seasons together. “The proven omnichannel solutions have supported our growth and improved the customer experience, increasing customer loyalty and order volume.” -Director of Multichannel, Technology and Supply Chain.

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