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Site Showcase status achieves goals and more



Our customer is a European headquartered materials handling equipment, warehousing and materials flow engineering company and a world leader in its field. It prides itself on its responsiveness and ability to meet customer requests in order to deliver satisfaction across its entire product range and all from its HQ. CEVA manages all aspects of its intralogistics.

The Site Classification Assessment (SCA) is CEVA’s long-term approach to standardized practices where it can define and codify operational standards for warehouse operations and then measure against those standards and set improvement goals. 

Around the world within our operations, less than 30 sites have achieved this prestigious “Showcase status” as it requires facilities to meet stringent requirements before qualifying as a showcase site.

This customer site in Germany was the perfect location to introduce the SCA classification and associated metrics. In doing so it has achieved the highest Showcase status since it was first awarded seven years ago.

Our customer's business challenges

Within its headquarters our customer faced a number of business challenges.  Firstly its documentation and administration processes.  Secondly its structures and processes were not contributing to high levels of efficiency.  There was a lack of motivation and team spirit within the workforce and communication and transparency required considerable improvement.


Our key actions to meet our customers' expectations

We believe that superior practices (inputs) will deliver superior performance (outputs) and set about creating an evolutionary program for the customer based on the Plan – Do – Check –Act principle which forms the basis of our SCA classification.

To receive Showcase status is not dependent on some specific improvements or achievements – it is the result of a long-term development, high quality, performance and fulfilling the SCA defined standards.

Along the way, our team developed and implemented a number of special tools, apps and visualizations which have improved quality as well as productivity. We made sure that the onsite team was both disciplined and highly motivated and that there was a good working atmosphere throughout the facility. Communication, documentation and administration were transformed to provide total visibility


contract logistics


This site has maintained its Showcase status for the last seven years, continuously.

The customer has achieved improved KPI performance as a result of the processes and tools implemented for use on-site.

There is a greatly reduced number of claims.

It can achieve better On-Time Delivery for customers and there is a high quality, reliable service throughout the facility.

The working atmosphere has been transformed meaning it achieves better results through having efficient structures and processes.

It has stronger customer loyalty because of increased confidence in its capabilities.

All this has improved its overall appearance, creating a better public image which benefits both stakeholders and the company’s recruitment process and reputation.

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