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A global motor vehicle manufacturer with production facilities in 15 countries needed global support as it began to bring elements of assembly logistics back in-house after many years of outsourcing the entire process.

Our customer's business challenges

The customer wished to bring back in-house some areas of logistics management which had traditionally been fully outsourced to have greater control over the process.

This meant that the customer needed to regain knowledge and control over its Intellectual Property in respect of Logistics Management.

All this would be undertaken with the aim of migrating to a single global provider in 2020.


Our key actions to meet our customers' expectations

To deliver global ownership of the customer’s network performance, CEVA’ Lead Logistics team provided Inbound to Manufacturing (I2M) solutions combined with supply chain insights, operational and technical knowledge, standardized solution models and experience.

We drove innovative and data-driven strategies to step up the manufacturer’s overall performance.

Engineering and operational planning focused on network design and global business cases under a gain share agreement.

CEVA was able to implement IT resources that supported the transformation of customer’s own IT infrastructure to a fully digitalized environment.

Through understanding the customer’s strategy and objectives we were able to leverage our own expertise to provide management for all operations, processes and projects.

By introducing global, network Control Towers we are able to control the flow of manufacturing and aftermarket parts to 24 global plants from originating sites in the Asia Pacific region.

CEVA Logistics


Through CLL (CEVA Lead Logistics) modular, repeatable, scalable and sustainable solutions we have been able to deliver tangible results.

Savings of about US$7m were achieved in one year – with year over year targets for savings set moving forward.

We have delivered dynamic consolidation and optimization of the customer’s origin network by managing these intercontinental movements through customer contracted carriage.

Through ongoing, direct engagement in network redesign and innovation we have been active members of the customer’s strategy team.

The customer has seen considerable improvements in supplier performance with the origin engineering team.

By transforming the supply chain and regaining better control the customer is better able to achieve its strategic goals and objectives

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