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Riser Joints

Moving critical outsize components for the oil & gas industry

Project overview

Oil or gas riser joints play a critical role in the drilling rig and well system as a riser forms the conduit between the rig and the well system. Typically they are 75 to 90 feet long and are an essential part of the overall operation.

Our customer’s business challenges

We were asked to move 138 Riser Joints from the town of Sete in southern France to New Orleans in the southern USA.

The shipment itself comprised 31 separate crates weighing 3,546 tonnes in total and individual items could be up to 75 foot in length.  An ocean solution was required to successfully deliver these important items in one load.


Our key actions to meet our customers' expectations

Before the risers could be shipped, they had to be hauled from a plant in nearby Beziers to the port of Sete.

Special equipment including lifting slings and a spreader beam was required to load onboard the ship which would take the risers to the USA.

We undertook a full load plan & survey report prior to commencing work to ensure everything would run smoothly.

In addition, all Risers required full cleaning as per US regulations prior to arriving in New Orleans which CEVA undertook and completed.

The process was expertly managed by our specialist team to ensure all risers were loaded in compliance with the customer’s Riser Handling Procedure.




riser joints, each typically 75 to 90 feet long


3,546 tonnes shipment, comprise of 31 separate crates


The customer was delighted when all the risers were delivered on time and in full compliance of his Riser Handling Procedures.

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