Case studies

Optimizing a global supply chain

A leading international player in the aviation tyres market with storage density issue

Project overview

A leading international player in the automotive world required reliable and cost-efficient parts supply

Our customer's business challenges

The customer’s supply chain was long and complex with multiple global production and assembly sites.  His supplier network stretched across more than 20 separate countries.  We were tasked with finding a mode of transport that allowed a cost efficient, steady and reliable supply flow from the suppliers into the manufacturer’s production & assembly sites.


Agile and flexible solution

We introduced a Program with transit time guarantees for Door to Door shipments covering more than 1000 different supply to production point to point lanes.

We combined that with a simplified price tariff covering a weight based local pick-up and delivery charge combined with a single CFS to CFS price per lane based on W/M.

At the same time, dedicated and trained customer service teams were set up in key locations with ownership of the program execution.


Tangible results

936 m2

Annual LCL


DIFOT shipments


The customer saw significant overall savings versus using FCL and Airfreight Flexibility in selecting suppliers, reducing the cost of procurement and transport Reduced need for safety/buffer stuck (Ship immediately - don’t wait to fill a container) Reduced incidental and program administration costs.
Key statistics: >95% of shipments DIFOT, 50,000 CBM LCL annually, handling on average more than 400 point to point lanes weekly.

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