optimized hybrid solution
optimized hybrid solution
Case studies

CEVA’s optimized hybrid solution swiftly transports aircraft engine


Project Overview

An Airline in Southeast Asia needed to move a five ton aircraft engine from Asia to Middle East for essential maintenance. They were looking for expertise in engine shipment to ensure safe and professional transportation from pick up to delivery.

Our customer’s business challenges

As a relatively new venture, the customer’s company needed a cost-effective solution. There was no freighter available at the location of the shipment. With multiple parties involved and the project changing scope, the customer needed to ensure they received effective and timely communication throughout the project.

The Transformation Story

We designed a hybrid solution at a competitive rate within CEVA’s network, which covered multiple methods of transport (including air, ocean and ground). We provided a dedicated project team, which specialized in transporting aviation materials. We created a customized route solution from Manila-Hong Kong, China-Israel following thorough analysis of the options. We ensured seamless alignment and end-to-end management, providing complete visibility to our customer via a web portal, which gave them the clarity and reassurance they needed.

optimized hybrid solution

Main specific actions included:

  • Site survey on ground transport, functional vehicle implementation, route investigation and planning to ensure unimpeded passing
  • Onsite supervision and project management
  • Use of an air-cushioned vehicle
  • Minimising risk of friction damage by effective handling techniques
  • Working with the international logistics team and local operators to smooth transit through major ports
  • Avoiding warehouse charges by arranging delivery on the day of customs clearance
optimized hybrid solution


  • 100% shipment complete, on time, door-to-door
  • 5T in weight transported across 9,500+km 
  • 2.45 x 2.45 x 3m cargo delivered
  • Continuous cost optimization during the solution design process for the benefit of the customer
  • The best hybrid solution, which delivered swift and effective transport of the engine
  • Our operational efficiency won the trust of the customer, leading to more engine transport opportunities
  • CEVA demonstrated its transportation services including AOG, engine and regular cargo.

Facts & Figures


(5 ton) engine for maintenance

9,500 km