Case studies

One of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers

Urgent requirement to build a new production line without incurring financial loss

Project overview

The automobile world is constantly evolving. This manufacturer’s responsiveness and adaptability are key to its successful competitiveness.

CEVA’s in depth knowledge and experience of the automotive industry has been key to developing and then delivering solutions. Our collaborative efforts helped avoid a significant financial loss, and simultaneously enabled the production line to get up and running as required.

Our customer's challenges

Our customer had little time to finalize the production of a new model and changes to an entire production line were needed in order to start manufacturing a new line. Missing parts were slow to arrive, and all unfinished models would have to be scrapped. Urgent action was needed to:

  • increase the number of shipments by 100% and advance the use of express services from 20% to 73% of shipments
  • maintain an on-time delivery performance (OTP) of greater than 90%
  • inform the customer immediately of any additional delays.


Our key actions to meet our customers' expectations :

Our proposed solutions achieved the desired results. Having implemented a hybrid solution which would meet all the manufacturer’s needs, we used a combination of several of our air freight products: Now, Premium and Value.

We’ve bulilt a long term relationship based on listening, sharing and trust.

The adjustments made and the smooth communication put in place made it possible to absorb, as much as possible, the consequences that could have affected the schedule imposed by the new chain. This achievement was made possible thanks to exceptional collaboration between the different participants in the project (Nortam, Gateway, destination MAD, CCSC, CEVA Management).


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